October 2, 2010


I walked into class this morning with doubt in my step.  I had taken 4 days out of my practice for our trip to Vancouver.  While my body was feeling great, my mind was suffering with the lack of yoga.  I'd been feeling sad, down in the dumps, insecure for the past day.  I had been having dreams where all of my friends found me highly annoying.

As I stood on my mat and stared back at my reflection, I felt ok.  At the first deep inhale of Pranayama, I started to feel like my self again.  My practice was strong, solid.  My mind remained calm and cool.  I relished the sweat that poured down my body.  I felt as though I was back.

I know I've said this before, but I really don't believe I could live without this practice in my life.  It grounds me, helps me find my peace and keeps me somewhat sane.

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ellelove7 said...

You know, it is interesting to think about. I hadn't thought about it before, but I've been on a hiatus from practicing for a few weeks and I had a major mental break on Saturday, I know that yoga grounds me as well.