January 13, 2011

Comptine D'une Autre Eté

This is my all time favourite relax Juliana song.  It is what I listened to right before the competition.  I was surrounded by my fellow yogis, basking in their energies but hearing nothing but these beautiful notes.

January 9, 2011

3 Minutes

The Regional Victoria Yoga Competition was yesterday and I came out alive!  I didn't think I was going to.  I had the worst case of the butterflies - my stomach would not stop turning - I had nightmares all last night and I could not sit still all morning.

I was third to go for the women, which was a little agonizing because the men went first and while I was waiting and supporting them - quietly, without watching - it felt like it was taking forever.  And then suddenly it was my turn.  I walked up to the front and waited for them to call my name, walked onto the mat, bowed and began.  The 3 minutes went by so very quickly - I think my exact time was 2:47 - I tried to be very calm, keep a slight smile on my face and move gracefully between the poses.  I forgot to call out Standing Head to Knee pose before I started.  I think, I was just so focused on starting and finishing the pose that the name was irrelevant for me at that moment.  When I finished I realized, "Oh yeah, I need to call out the names of the poses".  I chuckled to myself and went through Standing Bow, Bow, Rabbit and Stretching, no problem.  Upward Stretching was one of my optional poses and I just didn't find my balance when I first got into so I had to set my feet down and come up again.  Full Separate Leg Stretching was my other optional pose and it felt alright as well.

I think I'm starting to feel a little self critical because as amazing as this experience was, I see and feel what I can improve on.  I feel a little sad that it's over and am so eager to try again.

Next year I want to try to do Pigeon or Camel pose and Finger Stand or Crane pose.

The ladies and myself

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Upward Stretching Pose

Full Separate Leg Stretching