May 10, 2011

HIIT And Bikram - My Perfect Combination

I've been a little MIA from my yoga studio lately. My practice has dropped down from 5 to 6 days a week to about 3 or 4 and I tell ya, I couldn't be loving yoga more right now.

Almost 2 months ago, I discovered the lovely Kyla. Kyla is a personal trainer and also practices at my yoga studio. She was the perfect solution to my need for a kick in the ass. For 5 weeks, she kicked my ass every Tuesday morning. She put together 5 different workouts for me that I can do in my living room or backyard with little to no equipment.

I started off doing her workouts 3 days a week and my yoga practice 4 days. I knew it was the perfect combination when I went to my first yoga class after my first workout. I was nervous. Scared that I wouldn't be able to do the poses - to keep up with what I'd been doing for the competition. It was one of my best classes ever! Yes, I was sore but my focus had shifted. I was no longer concerned with 'perfecting' my asanas, I was there to give my mind and body what it needed - yoga. I had trained so hard for the competition and wanted to execute the poses to my perfection so badly, that I had forgotten why I loved my practice. So needless to say, I have found a lovely balance between yoga and my workouts. I have also become a bit of a BodyRocker. On the days I do yoga in the morning I come home from work and do a BodyRock workout which is usually about 20 minutes. On the mornings I miss yoga I do a Kyla workout which takes about 40 minutes and then do some yoga stretches.

I have seen some awesome results so far. I don't own a scale so I have no idea how much I weigh but I've lost inches. I wore a dress a couple weeks ago that I bought back in December. I had never worn it because I didn't like my tummy or my hip bumps but I felt super comfortable and not to mention hot in it.

I've been getting wonderful support at home from LW. He has yet to join me in a workout but he cheers me on as I'm sweating my ass off. And my lovely co worker Kristy, has been a great support and very encouraging. I've learned how to better plan my meals from her and sharing workouts with her helps keep up my motivation while I'm chained to my desk.

I took my first 'Before' pictures this morning. So we'll see how that goes:) and I take my measurements once a month. Can't promise I'll share those photos but I've got some more yoga shots I'll share in the next few days.

And I have to say it was one of the best decisions to work with Kyla. I have found a new confidence and the workouts have given my yoga practice a new life.

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Lacey said...

Woot woot! Yay! I love more people who are big into both. :)