October 8, 2011

Half Primary

This morning I did a Half Primary Series yoga class.  Wow, what a way to wake up.  You are constantly moving the entire class while trying to keep the continuous breathing rhythm.  I found this difficult but I'm sure I'll get used to it with more practice.

I also found the Vinyasa between each seated asana challenging.  My arms still feel like jello. 

A Vinyasa, from my understanding, is where the body gets a chance to realign itself following a seated twist or stretching pose and to keep the body warm.  You come onto your hands from a seated position, jump your legs back into plank, lower your body down, come up into Upward Facing Dog, down into Downward Facing Dog and then hop your legs up into a seated position between your arms again.  The video below is very graceful and well practiced example of a Vinyasa.

I actually did Shirshasana A or Headstand for the first time without a wall.  The teacher guided me up and at the top she put her hand between my calves and told me to squeeze her hand, it was amazing how my entire body lifted up and I found strength through my core and shoulders.

I was looking forward to Wheel or Urdhva Dhanurasana  because one thing I do miss from my Bikram practice are the back bends.  I went to push myself up which I have done countless times and my upper body would not budge.  My shoulders were exhausted.  I had a small battle with my ego at that point.  I really wanted to do Wheel but I calmed that part of my mind and listened to my body and stayed down in Bridge pose and let my body chill out a bit.

I am exhausted now.  I think I'll go for a nap.  Happy weekend!

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