October 6, 2011

Yoga Philosophy - Don't Worry

Follow the arrows.

Thanks to Damn Good Yoga

Don't worry.  Easier said that done.  Often that worry turns to hunched shoulders and a clenched jaw.  Or tears and angry words directed at loved ones.  We think too far in the future, we worry about where we will be in five years, we agonize over not finding a job, we beat ourselves down about extra weight that we carry.

What I get from the words, Don't Worry, is live for now.  Live for this exact moment.  Don't stress about losing weight in time for a wedding 6 months from now - choose to go for a walk at this moment or to not eat that brownie.  Don't stress too much about not finding a job - I am not starving, I have support and I am taking the necessary steps to obtain one.  5 year plan?  Great, but remember that life throws you curve balls and sometimes you have to take a different path.

Worry causes stress - it makes me bite my cheeks, it causes my psoriasis to act up.  Worry leaves me with a feeling of tightness in my chest.  Worry makes me sick to my stomach.  Sometimes I find it easier to worry than I do to let it go.  Maybe because I've been doing it my whole life.  Maybe because I feel it's easier to carry burdens than to let that monkey slide off my back.

I'm tired of the worry.  It's time to let the monkey go.

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