November 30, 2011

Old Friends

It was a perfect day in Vancouver today. K went off to her course in the morning and I rolled out the yoga mat provided by the hotel ( how awesome is that?) and practiced in the small space between the beds. I got up into headstand today! I was so excited when I got up there and a little nervous that I only managed to hold it for one breath but that's one breath longer than yesterday.

Then I went out and met another friend Z for breakfast and a trip to H&M. Luckily I was disappointed by their selection so didn't spend any money. We spent the day wandering the city and catching up.

I can't tell you how grateful I am and how much it warms my heart to have these amazing friends in my life. I may whine sometimes that all my friends live far away but it says a lot when we reunite and we just keep moving without missing a beat. I'm sure we talk a lot more than we would if we saw each other once a week or once a month but that feeling of being hoarse after talking all day and all night, I treasure.

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