November 1, 2011

P 90 X Update

I finished my 90 days of P90X a week and a half ago and the final measurements are in!

Chest: -0.25 "
Waist: -1.50"
Hips: -1.50"
Thigh (R): -0.75"
Thigh (L): -0.75"
Bicep-flexed (R): +1.0
Bicep-flexed (R): +1.0

Over all I am very pleased with my results.  I gained muscle in my arms and the flab has decreased so an inch gained when my arms are flexed is pretty awesome.  I didn't follow the program to a T because I just couldn't fit in the program on top of my yoga practice.  So my yoga replaced the non weight days.
Some other things I've noticed are my jeans are almost too big, they are definitely looser.  My winter coat from last year is way too big.  My yoga shorts fit me better.  My arms have more definition than they have ever had - ever.  I feel muscles in my back that I never knew existed.  

I started a new exercise routine on Monday and while I'm using a lot of Tony Horton's exercises, I'm changing things up a bit.  I was getting bored.  I read in an Oxygen magazine a couple months ago that women have a higher tendency to get bored with exercises than men do and I want to stay interested in my work outs.  So, I'm doing three days of weights and they're broken down into Back and Biceps, Chest Shoulders and Triceps and Legs and Back.  This is similar to the P90X workout but the way I've got it figured is that in between sets I do a cardio blast, which consists of squats, jumping lunges, burpees and mountain climbers.  It was tough, it got my heart pounding, challenged me and it was NEW.  And I will, of course, be practicing yoga 5 or 6 days a week on top of this.  I'll give this a shot for 4 weeks, take my measurements and see where I go from there. 


Lacey said...

Have you ever looked into BodyRock? (website)... check it out... but be careful! Its intense AND super addicting!!! :)

Lacey said...

Ooohhh! And congratulations on all your losses and gains!! Isn't that so exciting?!?! :)

Juliana said...

Thanks Lacey! I have done BodyRock. I love it.

Anonymous said...

So proud of you sweetie, that is so impressive!! You look fabulous and are an inspiration to me xoxo