November 23, 2011

Sanskrit Word of the Day - Chitta

I love languages.  They intrigue and excite me.  I speak French and Dutch and can converse in American Sign Language and am always interested in learning new words in new languages.

Sanskrit is the language which makes up the traditional names of our yoga asanas.  Sanskrit is strongly linked with Hinduism and is considered one of India's official languages.  I love hearing the invocation to Pantajali sung in Sanskrit.  It is beautiful.  I would love to be able to learn more of the language one day.

I was watching this video yesterday of Kino MacGregor discussing the Yoga Sutras.  (The Yoga Sutras are ancient texts written around the 2nd century BC by Patanjali discussing the 8 limbs of yoga.)  Kino speaks the sutra in Sanskrit, has the class repeat the words and then gives a full description of her translation of the sutra.  One word that I kept hearing her use in her discussion was Chitta.

Chitta (Sanskrit: memory)
- derived from the root Chit, "To be concious"
- the subconscious mind, the store house of memory
- where we store our memories and experiences and what define us

Definition found here.

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