January 11, 2012

To Take or Not To Take

My right shoulder has been bothering me lately and I'm not sure why because during my practice I notice no pain or discomfort.  I told my teacher yesterday morning.  He looked at me with all seriousness, OK here's what we should do.  He took a deep breath, I felt a little intimidated.  Let me know if this offends you in any way.  OK, what the hell is he going to ask me to do?  I had images of rubbing stinky oils on my shoulder (which I would do), or buying strange herbs (I would try that too).  I want you to take ibuprofen with dinner for a week and see if we can bring the inflammation down.  You've moved through your practice quickly since you've started, the body is probably tired.  Ibuprofen!?  Sure, I'll take that stuff!  I have a bottle on my bedside table!

I had to chuckle to myself because I know some people would never dream of taking something like ibuprofen or aspirin.  Me?  I have no problem with it.


Juhi said...

There is more to it though:
Ibuprofen or acetaminophen in long-term resistance training increases muscle mass/strength.

Juliana said...

Thanks Juhi, I didn't know that.