February 28, 2010

Quiet Sunday

Final day of the Olympic Games.  LW and I trying to be good Canadians and watch the gold medal hockey game, but let's face it we find curling far more interesting.  We walked down to the local cafe through eerily silent streets where we had a quiet late breakfast with a few other locals who weren't that keen on the match.  Strolled across the street to a very empty grocery store.  The cashier was too distracted by automatic updates on her cell phone to pack my bags properly.  I guess we'd let the States tie it up with 24 seconds in the final period.

Sitting outside enjoy the sun, the neighborhood started going crazy.  Horns honking, people yelling.  I guess we'd scored in overtime.

Even if hockey isn't my thing, I do love the comraderie of sports.

Go Canada!

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Anonymous said...

A big congrats to your hockey team. Honestly, I feel so guilty ... did not watch any Olympic Games (just saw glimpse in the news). Hope you have a wonderful Monday. I'm having a mellow Monday ... Namaste