March 1, 2010

Yoga and Fungi

As many of my friends know, I am not only a yoga nerd but a bit of a nature geek.  I love learning the new names of trees, flowers, insects, and if I can learn the Latin name, that is even better.  I love the power of nature.  Have you ever walked along a new piece of pavement that has only been laid 6 months ago and it already has grass poking through minuscule cracks?  That is magic to me.

I often think that we, as humans, seem to think of ourselves as separate from nature.  That we no longer have natural instincts, that we aren't nourished by the Earth, that we aren't a part of the Earth.  We manipulate our environment to suit our needs.  We create these intense cleaning chemicals, build infrastructures from materials that need to be processed extensively, exercise our bodies on strange machines.

In class we are told by our teachers that yoga is natural, that this is how our are bodies were meant to move, that through our practice we are rebuilding our natural foundation of strength and flexibility, both, mentally and physically.

This article in Time magazine, Industrial-Strenth Fungus, (courtesy of Criminal Wisdom) makes me think that there are other people who believe that we are capable of living in harmony with the Earth.  That using a very simple life form that grows everywhere could be more beneficial than digging large holes in the ground.  It's a possibility, it's interesting to think about.  Maybe these guys are on to something. 

Could you imagine a house contructed from fungus bricks!?


Yolk E said...

Oh, hellz yes. Fungus bricks? That would be awesome.

I, too, pause to consider the mushroom emerging from the crack in the ground. I stop, I look, and I give it my full attention. I get something back, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

I would definitely live in a shroom bricked house.

Thanks for the link your blondness.
Great post.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Yes, we are certainly NOT meant to cram ourselves into cars and cubicles and sit hunched over computers all day! I love the idea that I am helping my body return to its "natural, full-range of motion" through my practice.

Have you ever read Anthony Doerr's "The Shell Collector"? Something tells me, from your naturalistic bent, that you would like that book very, very much.

Zory said...

Hello dream home!

cirita said...

I truly believe that we are all connected with everything in the universe. I've come to this realization after reading Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic theories, many of Deepak Chopra's books, doing lots of yoga and practicing Ayurveda . This really fascinates me too :)

Going back to your question, can I imagine a house constructed from fungus? Yes and no. I don't want the hippies to eat my walls hahaha. On the other hand, it could solve sooo many problems.

catherine said...

That article was so cool - thanks for sharing! I think it is awesome that you are not only a yoga nerd but a nature geek as well. To me, they are quite complementary... So many of us are always seeking. :)