March 16, 2010


Yoga food cravings.  You ever get them?  After a long hour of sweating, stretching, bending, twisting and breathing - when you finally get to lie down on a sweat soaked towel, heels together, arms by your side, staring at the ceiling - focusing on your breath, trying to keep your mind empty - do you ever think about food?  I have many cravings when I'm in that blissed out space for two minutes and I often go home and consume that yoga craving.

Juicy ripe watermelon dripping down my chin.  Orange juice sucked from the slice of an orange.  A cup of strong milky coffee.  A piece of toast with real butter and local honey.  Fresh cherries picked right from the tree.  A cold blueberry smoothy.  A bagel with avocado, egg and tomato.

Well this morning I was lying there, thoroughly enjoying my couple minutes of rest and I suddenly wanted a tumbler full of gin, soda, a couple ice cubes and a wedge of lime.  Yep, that's what I wanted.  The stringent, piney taste of gin, the tingling of the soda bubbles and the tartness of the lime.  I lay there, wishing I had a bottle of gin in my cupboard and cursing the fact that it was 7 am and I really shouldn't drink gin before work.  Hmmm, maybe a cider would do?


Yolk E said...

I dig pretty much everything on your post-BIkram food list! I usually have half an avocado with a little salt and pepper or some guac after my evening practices. And of course, fruit and fruit drinks always sound divine.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ... great post,J.

Ya, lush.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Ahhh, that's awesome!! I've craved a beer once or twice in class but never hard liquor! I love it.

I swing between extremes---yoga either kills my appetite and actually leaves me feeling slightly nauseous at even the thought of food. Or, I stumble out of there just dying for fresh fruit, cold milk, toast, or yogurt. Basically, all breakfast foods!

catherine said...

Like hannah, I swing between extremes. I'm either completely nauseous, or STARVING. Most recently, I was craving a slice of pizza after class.

Your tomato/avocado/egg on a bagel sounds divine.

Chrissy D. said...

I have all sorts of food cravings while practicing Bikram Yoga. Sometimes it's fruit; when it's an especially hot class it's a tub of ice cream; and on Saturdays after a double, it's chicken shawarma!