May 24, 2010

Because I Can

I give myself permission to...

... wear the same clothes 2 days in a row because they are my favourite jeans and my favourite top
... get angry for no reason
... feel ashamed for being a part of this human race
... love my people to no end, with all their beauty and all their faults
... wear a bra top and short shorts to yoga, even though I don't have a "perfect" body
... turn on the Traveling Wilburys Volume I and sing the entire album out loud
... drink red wine on a Sunday at 2 in the afternoon
...go to yoga in the morning and then crawl back into bed for a few hours
... watch Almost Famous whenever I need some comfort
... still sleep with my baby blanket, "Didi", that my most favourite auntie made me
... want to change my career, again
... eat 2 big bowls of caramel ice cream with my love and not feel guilty about it
... accept and acknowledge compliments given me, gracefully
... forgive myself

Thanks to Just a Titch  and Caffeinate Me for inspiring this post.


Yolk E said...

omg, the Traveling Wilburies. When I was young I loved that "when the walls came down" song so much! Thanks for taking me down a trip through memory lane... great post.

Lady J said...

Tweeter and the Monkey Man! SUCH a good song :)