May 26, 2010

It's My Turn

I left the room today.  For the first time ever.  It wasn't overly hot.  It wasn't terribly crowded.  I just felt sick.  I was afraid I was going to puke all over my mat.  But I digress.

My day didn't start out too well.  I tossed and turned all night.  I could not get comfortable.  As I was peeing in the middle of the night I had to kill a spider that was trying to climb up my feet.  I read a book until 5 in the morning because I felt so horrible for murdering the poor spider.  I finally fell asleep only to be woken by my alarm at 5:30 for yoga.  I turned it off and promptly fell back into a deep slumber, waking half an hour later just as my yoga class began.

I decided I would take advantage of the situation - get to work early - finish early and be home in time to take the 3:45pm class.  I was looking forward to it - to switching up my classes and still being home in time to enjoy my evening.  The work day went well until I got pulled into office after office for performance reviews and training.  It wasn't until after 1:00pm that I was able to eat my lunch - leftover sesame noodles and salmon from last night's dinner.  I KNEW it was too late to eat!  But:
1) My home cooked noodles are so good, I did not want to pass them up and
2) All I'd eaten was yogurt and berries all day and I figured I should get some sustenance.
Yep, it really wasn't such a good idea.

I went to class.  I felt great.  I rocked the standing series.  I got some great tips on Standing Bow.  (I keep falling forward in the posture and my teacher suggested not coming down so far and to focus more on the backward bend and the kick.)  I felt like a super hero in Triangle and super strong in Balancing Stick.  Then we hit the floor.  Not what I expected at all!

Have you ever felt sick in Wind Removing pose???  Me?  Never!  I could barely pull my knee to my shoulder.  The nausea crept in.  My sense of smell intensified.  Rotting fruit.  Stale sweat.  Overly sweet perfume.  Farts.  Dirty towels.  These smells wafted over me in lovely waves broken up by an occasional bout of fresh air that I would gulp down greedily.  I sat out Cobra.  My insides were too rocky to lie on my stomach.  I attempted Half Locust.  And then promptly rolled over onto my back for the rest of the poses.  The scents kept getting worse.  As the class got to Fixed Firm pose I just looked at my teacher.
"Go!", she said. "If you're leaving, Juliana, I know it's for a good reason.  Think about what you ate!"  Oh, had I already thought about my food and regretted every yummy morsel I'd placed in my mouth only 2 and a half short hours before.
"You'll be back tomorrow, right?"  I answered with a firm, "Of course."

I will be back tomorrow.  This was a first for me.  It may not be the last.  But I know now that leftover yummy sesame noodles are not a good thing to eat before class.

What about you?  Can you eat before class?


Lorrena said...

One time, I had Chinese food at noon to prepare myself for the 3:45. Chicken wings, fried rice, and dry garlic pork...yummy, but my body felt like it was lugging around a was awful! Never again! On Victoria Day, I attended the 1:45; had fruit an hour before and I was fine. So I guess fruit is good, but not Chinese food! Hope to see you tomorrow at 6AM...missed you today!

bikramyogachick said...

Oh, you poor thing! I hate feeling like that!
It's funny. There are days when I eat too late and think "oh boy, I am going to have to pay the piper in class" yet I'm fine. Other times, not fine. It's never consistent...I can even feel sick if I ate perfectly well at the right times.
I suppose that's what makes Bikram practice so interesting. You just never know what the heck is going to happen in that room!
Hope you rock it out next practice !!

Yolk E said...

Leaving the room--it happens (as I have confessed!). Take it easy on yourself. You did the right thing. I agree with Michelle/BYC :-) There are days when I expect to feel like crap and I don't, and vice-versa. Those classes are like a mystery.