August 9, 2010

Time to Switch It Up

Friday, I went to an afternoon class.  I don't normally practice in the evenings or the afternoons because I like the freedom of the morning class.  I like how it wakes me up, how it energizes me and how I don't have to be conscious of when I eat.  I decided to do this afternoon class because I needed a change and because one of my favourite teachers was teaching.  I used to frequent her classes when I first started practicing.  She is tough but compassionate.  There in no nonsense when she teaches - no excessive water drinking, no leaving the room, no lying down.  She is always giving little bits of personal wisdom through the class, with no judgment.  And I find, in her class, I want to do my best - for myself.  She gives me the drive to be the best I can be for me not for the instructor, not for my friend practicing beside me.  I was also looking forward for someone to look at my practice with fresh eyes and to give me corrections that sometimes aren't seen by the instructors that see me weekly.

My 90 minutes of yoga was pretty basic.  But I definitely noticed differences from practicing in the morning:
- My balance was off.
- My tongue would not sit still in my mouth.  I was constantly pressing it along the roof of my mouth whenever I was struggling in a pose.  On the outside I looked calm but my tongue was holding a lot of tension.
- I was able to go deeper into poses but I tired more quickly.
- I had to take a pee break after the spine strengthening series.  I hate having to pee during class, it changes the practice for me.  I'll need to remember not to drink as much water during the day.

I also got some great tips:
- 3rd part of Half Moon, my legs are locked and I am always trying to touch my elbows together.  I was told to move my armpits closer to my shins which brought my chest closer and then got my elbows closer together.
- Locust pose, I need to really push my body weight into my shoulders and arms.  And to flex my triceps! 
- And as always, Standing Head to Knee, KICK, KICK, KICK!!!

I laid in Savasana after class for about 10 minutes, which I never have time to do first thing in the morning.  It was heaven.  But as soon as I left the room I felt nauseous and bloated.  I couldn't decide if this was because I hadn't eaten since 11:30 am and it was 5:30 pm or whether my body had just gone through an amazing detox.  I drank water and had to sit on the benches for a good fifteen minutes before my shaking stopped and I could get into the change rooms.  I got home, dumped everything on the floor and laid on my bed.

I think that this is something I need to do once a week, once a month - switch it up, challenge myself.


Yolk E said...

I'm impressed by your level of awareness of what's going on in your body--the tongue realization is so cool! Isn't it amazing how deep we can go in figuring out what's happening inside us?

Sometimes I can be that aware, but mostly I'm all wrapped up in my own silliness... I think noticing what's going on is a good thing.

Lorrena said...

Change is good! My last class was at 1:45 and I loved it!

BTW, I love your posts. They are very insightful. Thank you for sharing! :)

ellelove7 said...

Unfortunately, with my work schedule I'm only able to go in the afternoon except on the weekends... It is odd how much you feel that you have to watch yourself before class. I'm taking you had a 4pm class? Mine is always at 430, I always stop drinking water by 3, so my body can have time to get it all out and pee before. :) Good idea on switching it up! Wish I could do it more!

hannahjustbreathe said...

I absolutely love practicing at different times of day. My body feels oh so different, as does the class energy, the focus, the teacher's attention, the thoughts passing through my head.

I find that in the afternoon classes (when my body is looser, the class is fuller, and the temperature higher), I can push myself harder and deeper.

The mornings are my moments of true relaxation, of taking the slow, patient time to let my body sink into a pose, to let my mind ready itself for the day ahead.

Such a lovely reminder of how this practice really is different each and every day!

anna said...

At training, you'll experience CREEEAAAAK in the morning - wake up the body - open it up...
then in the afternoon you're all ready to be bendy!
(that's how many people feel it... and of course variations all over the place).