October 22, 2010


1.  something that provides mirth or amusement: A picnic would be fun.
2.  enjoyment or playfulness: She's full of fun.

LW always says to me when I get up to go to yoga in the morning, "Have fun, (insert pet name here)!".

I can't decide if I would call my yoga, this yoga, fun.  

Some days are definitely not!  The moment I walk into the room I want to run away screaming, "No! I don't want to do this today!".   I suffer, I struggle, I drip with sweat and exhaustion.  My muscles ache, I fall out of poses continuously, my brain will not leave me alone, shut up and let me practice.  I leave class spent.  I am exhausted, my arms shake, my eyes won't focus and I have to sit in my puddle of sweat before I have the energy to struggle into my clothes and drag my exhausted ass home.

Other days I enjoy, I love.  The yoga is challenging, it brings me hope, it gives me confidence, it allows me to be me, 100% completely.  I stretch and pull my muscles to their maximum.  I have compassion for myself when I fall out of Standing Bow.  Spine Strengthening Series is fluid and I rejoice in what my spine is capable of.  Savasana is peaceful, quiet, just the way it should be.  I simply sip my water, just to wet my lips.  I walk out of class with a bounce in my step, a calmness about me, a slight smile on my lips, ready to conquer the world.

So fun?  Maybe not in the exact definition of the word.  But the yoga does amuse me, after the fact.  The way I ponder it, the way in which it often consumes the majority of my thoughts.  And I definitely get enjoyment from my practice.  Not necessarily during class, but there is undeniable pleasure after wards.  So yes!  Yes, I guess I must say that my yoga is fun! 


Lala said...

fun(ny) how bikram yogis, in particular, redefine meaning of words, like fun. and pain. and torture. we even look forward to our backs hurting like hell.

happy fun friday!

bikramyogachick said...

I agree. Whether you get beat up or have a strong class, in retrospect there is such a feeling of accomplishment, that is fun!