November 14, 2010

The Day I Turned 29

Wow, it feels like forever since I've written or shared anything here.

I turned 29 yesterday.  It was a wonderful quiet day that centered around me;
  • LW gave me my presents before I left for morning yoga.  I felt like a kid again, opening presents in bed!  
  • Yoga class was challenging and hot but I loved every second of it.  My mum came and practiced right next to me.
  • I received lovely emails and phone calls from friends and family.
  • LW took me for lunch to one of my favourite restaurants.
  • I spent the rest of the rainy November day crocheting and watching Project Runway.
  • We ate Thai food for dinner
  • I was in bed by midnight.
I think that me of my early twenties may have found this birthday lame and boring but you know, I didn't.  I enjoyed myself, I felt calm and content.

The days prior to the 13th were full of lunches with friends, dinner with my parents and lunch with one of my brothers.  I'm on a health craze starting tomorrow! 

I've also decided that I'm going to do a 30 day blogging challenge (which was inspired by the lovely Hannah).  I've had a lot of stuff to say lately but not enough energy to actually get it out.  So today is day number 1!  Hopefully my writing will be a little more eloquent as the days go on.  Today is a purge.  I am setting my intention so that I must follow through.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.


ellelove7 said...

YAY! I love your posts. :)

Lala said...

happy bday! doing what you like on your day is the best way to celebrate, in bed or crocheting or in the hot room! I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago for mine, minus the crochet, lol

you're a Scorpio too, cool!

Lorrena said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Looking forward to your posts and practicing with you again! :)

Yolk E said...

I'm glad to see you're blogging again. Happy birthday. I turned the big 29 myself lately (lots of 29/30-year-old Bikram bloggers 'round these parts, aren't there?) and, for the first time, it was.... a big year! I didn't expect to have such an emotional reaction to the turning of the clock.

But enough about me. I'm glad you're back, and I hope your work gets its act together!

Lady J said...

Thanks ladies!
I love all your support!
And it's so true, E, there seem to be quite a few us 29/30 Bikram bloggers out there. Maybe we're at a contemplative age? Maybe it's just coincidence?

Catherine said...

29 going on 30 here, myself! Have you seen HannahJustBreathe's post "On Being 29"? It's worth clicking here to read it. :)

Yolk E said...

Thanks, C! I LOVE her post, by the way. And yeah, what is up with all of us 29/30'ers? We should have a special blogger meetup in our honor :-P