November 23, 2010


So, yesterday, Victoria got snow.  This is a HUGE deal in the capital city of British Columbia.

For Canada, Victoria is located in a very Mediterranean type climate, and is very unlike the rest of the country.  We, usually, only have 3 seasons - Spring, Summer and Fall.  The main ecosystems that exist in this little pocket on the South East corner of Vancouver Island are Douglas fir and Garry oak which have dry soils and, traditionally, natural fire regimes that control the plant growth, which is only common right here in Victoria or in the interior of the province.

So, snow in November means chaos.  Utter chaos.  It was not predicted at all.  The city was not prepared for it and people panicked.  It is very comical actually - if you come from somewhere that gets snow regularly.  Victorians freak out!

By the time I left work yesterday - 4:00pm -  the parking lot was empty - everyone had gone home.  I drove home cautiously but the roads were better than they had been saying on the radio and most of the other drivers seemed to be coping rather well.  I got home - brought in my hummingbird feeder to thaw - locked the door and shut out the cold.

I did some at home boxing exercises and then had a warm shower.  I had warm leftover chili for dinner and warm rice pudding with almond milk for desert.  See the theme here? Warmth.  Victorians, also, don't do well with the cold.

I was in bed early and up in time to got to the 6 am yoga class this morning, but I decided to opt out and practice an Iyengar sequence instead.  I'm so glad I did because, after the fact, I found out that the 6 am class was canceled.

The day is still chilly but the sun is shinning today!  I love the snow and the sun.  There is something very refreshing and cleansing about seeing the sun dance off the snow drifts (small as they are).

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