November 24, 2010


Seth Rodin wrote a great post today about where ideas come from.  This made me consider where my ideas come from.

  • Many ideas come to me in Savasana.  I don't force them, they just appear.
  • Some of my ideas come from my lovely man, and I only realize after I've written down my idea that his influence is all over it.
  • Ideas come to me in my dreams.
I do know I need to write more of my ideas down.  And to not be afraid to share them.

Where do your ideas come from?

1 comment:

Lala said...

Oooh ideas. Hmm they come to me from all over except work where I need them the most lol! I get my food ideas when im super hungry and looking at yummy pictures lol. Speaking of which, I can't wait til u post something on food :p heee.