November 27, 2010

Victoria Hatha Yoga Championships

My studio, Bikram Yoga Saanich, is hosting the first ever Victoria Hatha Yoga Championships.  They've decided to set this up for fun but to also encourage people to compete and prepare them for the Western Regional Championships that occur in Vancouver.

I'd had a few of the teachers approach me or call me out in class and tell me that I should compete.  I hummed and hawed about it and about as far as I got to making a commitment was saying I would go to the info session.

Well, I just got back from the info session.  The teachers were so inspiring.  Ida Ripley spoke to us as well as another man who has competed many times and Abbey, the owner of my studio.  They were so inspiring.  They told us that there was no need to be perfect.  That in the long run this was for us - to push ourselves a little further.

So, I committed to it.  I signed up for the competition.  I'm excited, nervous and excited!

I'll post more details about the competition soon!

Meanwhile, here is Ida competing.


Some Guy said...

Right on, sweet stuff.

Yoga Mum said...

I am so proud of you.

hannahjustbreathe said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wow, taking the leap to compete is so impressive. It's something I've thought about doing but, well, never actually DONE. I can't wait to read about this journey!