December 8, 2010

Wall Walking

I stayed after class this morning to practice a few extra poses with a teacher.  It was awesome.  I am loving this extra yoga I'm doing.

I tried wall walking for the first time ever.  Man, was it freaky.  Basically you stand 3 feet away from the wall with your back to it.  You put your hands over your head and bend backward until your hands touch the wall.  You then walk your hands down the wall while backward bending.  As you come down to the floor you come up on to your toes, lift your chest and press your chin and chest against the wall while locking your arms.  You then just walk back up the wall to come out.

Going down was OK.  I got down to the floor in the first couple of tries.  Coming up was another matter all together.  Figuring out how to push your hips forward, stay on your toes and then walk your hands back up is hard!  It just was not happening.  I swore loudly a couple of times but my teacher was wonderful and got me out of the pose.

I'm excited to try again!


Lala said...

that sounds absolutely cool!! if only my limbs would be kind enough to let me bend like so, hahaha!

awesome and hope u keep it up :)) then take lotsa pics to show us!

Lorrena said...

Oooh, I'd love to try THAT! So cool! :)

Yolk E said...

Backbends... always a powerful part of any yogi's journey, right? I remember the first time I did wall-walking, too. Scary as HELL. But the next time, and then the next, will get easier. Promise. And then, progress! It'll become old hat :-)