December 9, 2010

Practicing Blind

Well, not blind but nearly blind.  Picture driving down a street at dawn with an extremely fogged up window and all you can see are shapes and some colours.  That is how I see when I am not wearing contact lenses or glasses.

I have an appointment in a week to get tested to have Lasik eye surgery and am not allowed to wear my contact lenses for an entire week.  This morning was the first time that I have ever practiced with my glasses on.  I left them on for Pranayama Deep Breathing and then they came off.  It was just way too annoying to have them sit on my face.  This probably couldn't come at a better time because, in preparation for the competition, I am trying to practice without the mirror.

It was weird though.  I knew what my surroundings looked like so I felt safe.  I trusted the teacher, who also has poor eye sight, so I felt sympathy.  But, wow, to not see the familiar faces around me or see my own body was very different.  I found that I was less critical of my body.  I wasn't catching myself criticizing my thighs or my stomach and then having to push those thoughts out of my head.  I didn't adjust my yoga clothes as much because I couldn't see when a seam or a strap was out of place.  My balance was OK - mainly because I have been trying to not look in the mirror as much lately.  I would touch my body more - my hips or my feet - to make sure they were in the right line.  As exhausted as I was this morning, I do think I was able to find more focus.  In Savasana there was no where to look because I couldn't see anything and there were very few reasons to fidget because I couldn't see myself.

As much I love being able to see clearly, this was a good experience for me.  The next week will definitely continue to be challenging and I'll soak in all that I can learn, but I can't wait to put my contact lenses in again!

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