January 9, 2011

3 Minutes

The Regional Victoria Yoga Competition was yesterday and I came out alive!  I didn't think I was going to.  I had the worst case of the butterflies - my stomach would not stop turning - I had nightmares all last night and I could not sit still all morning.

I was third to go for the women, which was a little agonizing because the men went first and while I was waiting and supporting them - quietly, without watching - it felt like it was taking forever.  And then suddenly it was my turn.  I walked up to the front and waited for them to call my name, walked onto the mat, bowed and began.  The 3 minutes went by so very quickly - I think my exact time was 2:47 - I tried to be very calm, keep a slight smile on my face and move gracefully between the poses.  I forgot to call out Standing Head to Knee pose before I started.  I think, I was just so focused on starting and finishing the pose that the name was irrelevant for me at that moment.  When I finished I realized, "Oh yeah, I need to call out the names of the poses".  I chuckled to myself and went through Standing Bow, Bow, Rabbit and Stretching, no problem.  Upward Stretching was one of my optional poses and I just didn't find my balance when I first got into so I had to set my feet down and come up again.  Full Separate Leg Stretching was my other optional pose and it felt alright as well.

I think I'm starting to feel a little self critical because as amazing as this experience was, I see and feel what I can improve on.  I feel a little sad that it's over and am so eager to try again.

Next year I want to try to do Pigeon or Camel pose and Finger Stand or Crane pose.

The ladies and myself

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Upward Stretching Pose

Full Separate Leg Stretching


Yolk E said...

Beautiful! Good for you! And let go of that self-critical stuff. It is just NOT HELPFUL! The corrections will come; just keep practicing and leave them on your mat.

Lady J said...

Thanks E! I know that criticism isn't helpful, something I always, and probably most of us, struggle with.

Lorrena said...

Congratulations, J! You have inspired me to consider competing next year! Now it's time for me to get cracking and get my practice back on track! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

I may be biased, but I thought you were phenomenal!
Your standing bow was so graceful and steady.
love mum

Lala said...

aww congrats! that's amazing of you to have gone!

thanks for sharing the pics, too. happy monday!

Some Guy said...

You were awesome, baby.