December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Today has been a very interesting end to my year.  My boss told me not to bother with my two weeks notice and the company would pay me until next Tuesday. Woohoo! And as I stretched and practiced Pigeon pose, the receptionist at my studio came in and told us that the instructor who was supposed to teach had not shown up.  So after a moment of disappointment, about 10 of us decided to just go through the practiced ourselves.

It was a beautiful silent class.  We ended about 20 minutes early.  That's not bad considering we didn't have someone telling us to hold Triangle pose and Standing Bow for what, sometimes, feels like forever.  I deviated from the practice a little and did some advanced poses and extra sets of Standing Bow and Standing Head to Knee, but we all finished at the same time with big smiles on our faces.  It was a major sense of accomplishment.  I definitely didn't sweat as much as I normally do - I felt as though I was practicing in my living room - but the same benefits were there.

I just realized today that there's only a week until competition!  Yikes!

Happy New Year!!

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