February 12, 2011

I Heart Yoga

I seriously fell in love and was re stimulated again today.

I was tired.  My muscles fatigued quickly.  My eyes stung and I sat out a couple poses because I was worried about disturbing the healing process.  I looked myself directly in the eyes.  I breathed so deep that my breaths lasted longer than the 6 counts for Pranayama.  My hips felt better.  My back was sore.  There were a lot of new people in class.  There was a lot of chatter.  The soles of my feet hurt.  I felt a little soft from my overeating in the last week.  I felt like superwoman in Half Locust.  Savasana was Heaven.

And yet all of this didn't matter.  Because.  I loved every second of my class this morning.

First time in a long time.

The heat and humidity was just right.  My breathing was strong.  My legs were tired and alive.  My back was strong.  My eyes stung yet were healing.  My hips were open.  I looked at myself - fully - in the mirror.  I thought about nothing else.  I loved the sweat.  Half Locust was the best I'd done in ages.  Savasana was Heaven.

I loved every second of my class this morning.


Lorrena said...

Ahh, it was a great day indeed! So nice to see you at the studio yesterday and I hope to see you again in a few hours, hopefully in the same class! :)

ellelove7 said...

Oh man. I miss that feeling.