March 4, 2011

A Gentle Reminder

One of the things I love the most about my practice, is that I am able to forget about the rest of the world. For 90 minutes all that exists is me, my mat, the instructor and my fellow yogis.

This morning I could not tune it out. I was thinking about getting the oil changed in my car, cooking dinner, how I was going to spend the weekend, anything and everything. These thoughts do drift in and out when I am in Savasana but never in the standing series. Seriously, to be in Standing Bow and thinking about when I'll get around to getting the oil changed is ridiculous! I had to laugh at myself.

I left class feeling a little unsatisfied with practice this morning. But it was a nice gentle reminder that no class is ever the same - ever - no matter how far you feel you've come. This yoga is a journey, there is no prize at the end because there is no end.


Lala said...

oh Lady J how on point you are! yesterday, my mind was wandering so much that i couldn't remember the class and also didn't feel as 'satisfied'.

so i turned back around and stayed for the 2nd class. it was painful, but made me feel much better afterwards.

thank you for the gentle reminder!

Yolk E said...

Wow, lucky y'all! My mind wanders a lot, as it does often outside of class. But because I'm not "supposed" to be in charge of a million things IN class, I at least get the chance to say, "OK, stop, focus on what you're doing." I'll just keep on working on it..