September 7, 2011

Breakfast Pancake

With this new eating plan I am experimenting with, I had to come up with some breakfast ideas other than my standard rolled oats, Greek yogurt and fruit.  What I came up with was a butternut squash pancake.

Take a butternut squash, cut it in half and remove the seeds.  Bake it at 350 degrees until you can stick a fork in to the flesh.  Cut the squash into four equal pieces.  Take one of those pieces and scoop it out of skin and into a bowl.  Mash it up with some cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.  Add in a tablespoon of flax seeds and one egg or a quarter cup of egg whites.  Mash it all together until it is a lovely orange, brown mush.  Heat a pan on the stove and pour your pancake batter into the hot pan.  Fry at medium heat until the bottom starts to firm up - sometimes I add frozen blueberries at this point.  Flip carefully.  It will may fall apart - no biggie - just stick it back together again and finish the second side.  Slide onto a plate and top with whatever you'd like.

I like to top my pancake with Greek yogurt and fruit! 

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Lacey said...

MMMMM!!!!!!!!! Oh my word I can't wait for that.