September 8, 2011

Push It, Forget It, Move on

This morning I got extremely frustrated - with lack of communication, with the feeling that I'm at people's beck and call, with the fact that I do not comprehend why people run a business and treat their employees the way they do.

Moving on.  It was my Back and Biceps day for P90 X, so I decided to take not only what I learn in my yoga practice but also what Tony Horton reiterates in his workout videos - forget it, let it go, this time is for me, focus on now!  So I pushed it.  I was tired today - maybe from the advanced yoga class yesterday.  But I fought hard.  Biceps curls and all the many versions that Tony has you doing, are not easy!  Not to mention the many different versions of pull ups.  I can do one chin up on my own with no props but in order to get through my workout, I take Tony's advice and use a chair.  I use that chair to give myself a little boost to make it up the entire way, so that I can complete 10-12 pull ups in a set. 

I feel pretty ripped by the end of this work out.  My arms feel tight, almost swollen and I feel strong.  Focusing on my workout was the best way I could have dealt with my frustration this morning.  It allowed me to re focus my attention on what was important to me at that moment and what I could actually, productively, deal with. 

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Lacey said...

I love the swollen feeling. :)