September 2, 2011

Oh, 6 am, How I Have Missed You

Because I am currently living a life of leisure, I rise late and have been attending the 9 am yoga classes.  They are great - I don't have to set my alarm, I don't leave the house in the dark and I have more than enough time to drink my sole.  But there is something magical about a 6 am class.

I decided to go this morning, I set my alarm extra early so I would have time to drink my Crystal Salts (more on these to come).  It felt a little eerie leaving my house in the dark, not a sound - the birds hadn't even started chirping - started up my car and got to the studio by 5:45am.  L was teaching this morning and she only ever teaches 6am classes so it was an added bonus. 

Class was wonderful.  It was calm and collected.  I moved through the poses with purpose and paid close attention to my alignment.  I am becoming much stronger in Standing Bow.  My kick is strong and I feel steady in the pose.  My right hip flexor is a little tight so I dedicate my first set to trying to stretch it out.  I love Triangle pose.  I never ever thought I would say that but in the past 4 months or so I have been able to sit right down so that my thigh is parallel to the floor and I get an amazing opening through my hip.  I am really starting to feel the stretch through my shoulders and have started to explore the twist in the torso more deeply.  Camel has been so difficult for me lately.  I get nauseous and dizzy and rarely do two sets.  This morning I was able to do both and while I was bending backward, I had an amazing flashback of a dream I had last night - I dreamed that I went right back into Full Camel.  I remember seeing my toes and putting my hands on feet and then my forehead on my feet.  It was incredible!

I left class feeling revitalized and refreshed.  The air is crisp this morning - Autumn is around the corner.  I picked up an americano on my way home and made myself a butternut squash pancake for breakfast. 

Happy long weekend!

P.S.  The best part of practicing at 6am right now is that I get to come home and write a blog post, instead of rushing off to work.  I am trying to enjoy this while I can.

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