October 28, 2011

Coleslaw with Miso Honey Dressing

I have never liked coleslaw.  The traditional gloopy, mayo kind.  It has always made a little sick to my stomach.  I discovered this coleslaw recipe at the Whole Foods Market website and adapted it to what I had on hand.  It is delicious, simple, and refreshing.  And it gives you something to make from that tub of miso paste you have sitting in your fridge.

I used to have no idea what to do with miso but had heard that because miso is a fermented food you don't want to heat it to boiling because this can destroy the enzymes that are produced during the fermentation process.  Miso is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and contains all essential amino acids which make it a complete protein.  There are 2 grams of protein for each 25 calories in miso paste.

Coleslaw with Miso Honey Dressing

6 cups of cabbage (any kind will do, I used red and green), sliced
3 carrots, grated or sliced
1 apple sliced (optional)
1 cup of sliced jicama (optional)
1 tablespoon yellow miso
2 teaspoons dijon mustard
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons sesame oil

Grate or slice your vegetables.  Or use your amazing Spirooli Slicer that this lovely lady gave me.

Gather your ingredients for the dressing.

Whisk everything together and then pour over the vegetables.

Allow the coleslaw to marinate for a few hours and then enjoy!

You can add chopped apple, jicama, nuts or sesame seeds.  I didn't have any of these on hand but it tastes amazing just as it is.

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