October 17, 2011

My Plants

Growing up in a Dutch household, I am very used to having plants in my home.  I feel they belong in a house, in any buildingGreen plants and fresh flowers give me a feeling of comfort and of peace.  Having something that is living in my home environment is a need, not an option.

According to NASA plants in the home help purify the air of harmful trace chemicals.  I know that I prefer spaces with plants in them.  They make me feel more relaxed.  I feel like they fill space nicely and give warmth to a room.  Apparently, hospital patients recover faster when they have a view of the park.

Here are some of my plants.  And, yes, you will notice that they have genders.  No names, though, I've never been good with naming things.

My gorgeous African violets.  They had divided and I had 4 plants in one pot, I just replanted them and was worried they wouldn't be happy.  She looks pretty happy to me!

My ficus, who I learned does not like bright light, so he sits in the living room, next to my Peace Lily.  My Peace Lily never blooms but I've had it for over 10 years.

My Christmas cactus!  I love her at this time of year when she gets her gorgeous blooms!

My Aloe Vera.  My roomate in college bought this for us back in 2004.  I left him with a friend for a couple of years in the Okanagan and he got HUGE!  He's very happy in the bathroom, I think he likes the moisture.

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