November 9, 2011

Curse of the Wine Gums

I love wine gums.  Adore them.  I covet them when they are on sale.  I don't like the small tiny roll of wine gums, I want the bag.  I tell myself that they will last forever.  I'll savor each one, saving the black ones for last.

This is not the way it works.  I buy the bag and restrain myself from eating them until I get home.  Then I dive into them.  I pull them out by the handful.  I eat them one by one but they go down fast.  My mouth and jaw work in overtime as I devour these delicious little candies.  There's something about the chewy stick to your teeth goodness that I love.  I keep going back for more, until half the bag is gone and then I shove them into the back of the cupboard and swear I won't eat anymore until later in the evening. 

5 minutes later I am back in the cupboard following the same ritual.

I did this yesterday.  And immediately felt ill.  I got a terrible tummy ache.  My body started aching.  My head started to hurt.  I got really tired and had a nap on the couch.

I have never reacted to a wine gum overdose like this.  I sometimes get a little tummy ache and my teeth hurt a little bit but never this severe physical backlash from my body.

I ended up missing yoga because of this.

Yesterday, I hit rock bottom on my addiction to wine gums.


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Lacey said...

Don't beat yourself up, beautiful girl! It happens to ALL of us. Seriously. I'm HORRIBLE with my mom's cookies. You know what I have to tell myself?

"This won't be your last chance in life to have them."

You can and will find the power to resist them. The candies don't own you. And you cannot beat yourself up for a binge every now and then. :) Just learn and move forward! Love you girl!