November 26, 2011


Follow your path.
Whatever that path may be.

Sometimes my path feels like it looks like this.  Straight and narrow but full of life.

Sometimes I feel as though I have so many decisions I may explode.

Sometimes I feel like I could make one of two decisions - the easy one or the not so easy one - the problem is I don't even know what these two directions are yet.

Sometimes I feel so worn down that my path feels lifeless, gnarled and twisted.

Sometimes I am so content with where I am that it makes me nervous.  It is so beautiful that I am afraid a monster will jump out at me and ruin the image.

But what I try to remember about all these different paths I may walk down, is that each and every one has a piece of beauty associated with it.  And that whichever direction I may go, I am on a grounded path of my own choosing.

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