December 5, 2011

Recipe Update!

I was following my own recipe tonight and noticed I left out a very important ingredient in my Miso Coleslaw.

2 tablespoons of rice vinegar!  It adds the necessary sourness to the dressing.

I've been dragging my legs off the healthy eating wagon in the last couple of weeks.  My trip to Vancouver started it, which I do not regret one bit!  I am a bit of a foodie at heart and when I'm surrounded by friends who love and appreciate food as much as I do it's so hard to say no.  I admire people who can stick with the clean eating 100% of the time.  I guess I'm kind of thankful that LW is not much of a foodie because it makes it easier to eat clean most of the time.

We head to Vegas on Thursday for LW's birthday celebration and I know that it's going to be hard to make the right choices all the time.  I am going to bring my oats so that I can soak them before bed and have in the morning and I want to do either my Ashtanga practice or a BodyRock every morning when I'm there.  I just feel better when I do something in the morning to get my blood pumping.  

I noticed when I was in Vancouver and ordered a fritatta for breakfast how hard it is to reduce fat and calorie intake when you're traveling because as good as the fritatta was I could taste the butter it was cooked in.  I now know that I should ask for some menu items cooked with no fat.  Do I really care?  Part of me does because I am not yet at my goal.  Part of me doesn't, I just want to say fuck it and move on.

It's tough to eat clean.  I have to say that it's one of the most challenging things I've ever done.  They say yoga brings awareness to your self.  So does clean eating.  My body responds so clearly to bad food.  I was making LW cookies for his birthday and well, you know, I love cookie dough and ate a couple spoonfuls.  I paid for it and 100% completely suffered for it.

So, as I sip my scotch and type this, I raise my glass to everyone who is making the effort to eat clean. 

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