January 3, 2012

What The?

I got home from morning mysore practice, still damp from sweat.  I was starving so I tossed some steel cut oats in a pot with cinnamon and blueberries, turned the kettle on for the coffee and plunked myself in front of my unbearably loud laptop to check my email.

And I am greeted with this:

The daily Groupon is 53% Justin Bieber SINGING toothbrushes.  I cringed.  WTF?  Who in their right mind would want The Biebs singing to them as they brush their teeth?  I get the whole pre teen/teen crush thing but a singing toothbrush?  First off, the sound quality has got to be terrible.  Second, I wonder if the toothbrush has been approved by the American Dental Association.  

Nothing against Justin, he is Canadian after all and he is an amazing example of how we can make it big through online social media.  But it certainly has me questioning how many preteen girls are begging their parents for these fancy toothbrushes or using their paypal gift cards to buy them themselves.

It makes me wonder, if had I been born 15 years later would I have wanted these toothbrushes?  I would really hope not.  I like to think that I had slightly better taste in music as a child; Nirvana, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Soul Asylum - definitely influenced by my parents.  I did have a Paula Abdul and Celine Dion cassette tape but NSync and the Backstreet Boys were irrelevant to me.

Celebrities such as Mark Paul Gosselaar - Zach from Saved by the Bell for those of you were deprived of such quality television - graced my bedroom wall.  

Now if there had been a product such as a Brad Pitt pillow case - well, that's another story.

Mark Paul has aged quite nicely.

Brad Pitt at his finest in Legends of the Fall.

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