March 9, 2010

A Double

I have been inspired by you.  By all of you that I read every week.  So Monday evening I decided I would do a double on Tuesday.  My own challenge.

I went to my regular 6 am class and made sure I told the instructor I was going to do a double.  I needed someone to be aware of my intentions.  It was hot.  I don't normally sweat all that much in the mornings but today I was dripping.  Sweat rolling down my legs, off my elbows, dripping from the end of my ponytail.  I had my water bottle but not one drop of water touched my lips.  I am really starting to notice a much deeper compression in my internal organs when I limit my water intake.  Loving it!  My balance was way off.  It felt like I was back at the beginning of my practice.  I would tip and stumble and dip and sway.  I take this as a good sign.  My practice is coming round full circle again!

Went to work with a fresh set of yoga gear in my car and made it back to the studio for the 5:45pm class.  Again, HOT!  But such a different heat.  All those bodies sweating in the room all day had left the room humid, the air heavy.  My toes went numb until about the 3rd asana.  This used to happen to me when I first started Bikram yoga.  I'm thinking it has to do with circulation??  Once I got the feeling back in my toes, my standing series was strong, again my balance was off and my butt muscles were burning!  I only had a couple sips of water during class and noticed a headache in Kapalbhati breathing. 

I have been re hydrating since I got home and will be back to my 6am class tomorrow morning.

Thanks again for the inspiration!


bikramyogachick said...

Congrats! And you did a split double, which is what I prefer. OMG you are the first person I've ever heard of that has the numb toes during the first three asanas! It happens to me quite frequently. Not all of the time, but maybe six times a month would be my guess. I'm glad to hear somebody has experienced it. I can't figure out what causes it for me. I just wiggle those suckers alot and try to get the numbness out before the balancing series...

catherine said...

Woohoo on your double! Congrats. It really is amazing how we all can inspire one another from miles and miles and even continents away.

Do you ever get the numb toes outside of class, too? That is really interesting.

lz said...

Hi Lady J! Congratulations on your double!! It must be such a marvelous feeling of accomplishment!
First-time visitor to your blog, but will be back for more! Your enthusiasm is inspiring!

Lady J said...

Thanks ladies :)

I used to get numbe toes when I would tie up my hiking boots too tight.
I have no idea what would be causing it during yoga.

hannahjustbreathe said...

Ahh, the doubles days. The evening class is always so incredible---as is the day after. Congrats on challenging yourself and on making it through.