August 26, 2010

Those Ah Ha Moments

I haven't really had an "ah ha" moment in my yoga in a while.  I am conscious of what I need to work on, what part of body needs an extra lift or stretch.  But those moments when you first start your practice and a teacher helps you figure out a part of a pose that you've never quite gotten.  Those moments are priceless and the time between them have become longer for me lately.

Luckily, I have had 3 classes this week where a relatively new student has had one or two "ah ha"s in class.  Listening to the voice of the instructor go extra calm and explain a pose specifically to them or walk over to the student and get down on the floor next to them and show them how to get into the posture.  This always leaves me lying in Savasana with a grin on my face and a special moment of peace.  Especially when you hear the student make a calm sigh or a whispered thank you.  And you can hear that the light bulb has switched on.  That suddenly their practice seems brighter, that they've moved a step forward and they can see now why this yoga is so absolutely amazing.

This is why I want to teach.  One day.  Yoga or maybe something else.  But something that I love just as much as the student that I would be teaching.  I want to feel that emotion that a teacher must feel when their student makes a breakthrough - no matter how small or how large.  I want to guide.  I want to inspire and BE INSPIRED.

This will come.  One day.  I guess, right now, I just feel privileged to be apart of my fellow yogis moments.  And am very happy to share my own.


belovely said...

I totally share your enthusiasm about living in the present moment with my yoga practice, and yet keeping an eye on the future and a hope in my heart to one day teach!

It will be so fun and amazing and rewarding to share these moments with other yogis. :)

Glad you posted about this! Keep it up! Namaste,
Rachel (AliveintheFire)

thedancingj said...

Yeah! I love this! When the energy is so strong like that, we ALL get to share in the glow. One of my teachers used to tell us that when even ONE person in the room is healed, we are all healed along with them. It really works and it's so cool. That's awesome that you can feel it. GREAT reason to want to be a teacher. :)

Catherine said...

When you wrote, "This will come. One day",
my mind added, "in the future, when your skeletal system has improved enough." :)

This was a great reflection, thanks!

hannahjustbreathe said...

Ohhh, the "ah ha!" moments. They're pretty amazing to witness, both inside yourself and in the eyes of others, both on the yoga mat and off!

Lala said...

oh man, those ah ha moments!! not only are they exciting, but i feel like they're milestones. markers for when we look back at how far we've come.

i'm all for inspiration wherever i can get it, cuz it totally doesn't come in a bottle. well, except for alcohol, of course.

thanks for the post :)