September 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

I've taken a new spin on my outlook of life right now.  I'm going to be positive. 

I am a firm believer that everything I have chosen to do in my life has taught me something.  All my experiences, my choices have helped me grow to become the woman I am today.  All of my friends, lovers and strangers that have crossed my path have given me a little something, just as I have given them a little something.  Every breath of air that I breathe, sip of water that I take, yoga pose that I practice brings me closer to something.  I don't know what - but this something is forward.  Forward towards me being who I truly am - discovering the many different sides, crevices, caves and valleys that I have. 

I had a rough go of it for awhile.  I'd forgotten this belief, this feeling that I have.  Mainly being unsatisfied in my job - my career.  I let it get to me.  To consume all of my thoughts.  No more!  I am on the look out for a more challenging path.  Something will come.  My feelers are out there and they are generally pretty good at finding what I want - or what I think I want.

So in the meantime I am going to look forward to this well deserved long weekend.  To the sleep ins with my lovely.  To dinner with my brother and his girlfriend.  To an afternoon with my BFF.  To a Saturday morning yoga class, coming home and not having to go anywhere.  To just relaxing.

Happy Friday everyone!


Catherine said...

I'm not sure this will work in a comment (OK, it didn't so a link is the next best thing), but I saw this the other day, and your post reminded me of it:

Thanks for your honesty. Best wishes in exporing those different sides, crevices, caves and valleys of yours. And enjoy the weekend!

Catherine said...

P.S. Click on the word "inspiration" - it's actually a link. :)

Lala said...

since you are on the lookout for a more challenging path, may i suggest something like...teacher training? then i can read all your posts about how you were kept awake til 4:38 am. lol!

oh and there's this funny blogger who spent an entire year doing random things she normally wouldn't do.

it's a pretty fun read for those days that you just want to get away from. :)

cheers have a great break!

Lush said...

Hello! It's my first comment on your blog here. :) Love your positive attitude here, and keep going with it!

@Catherine, I clicked on the link "Inspiration"... Love it!! :)

hannahjustbreathe said...

Oh, lady. I may be late in commenting on this one, but I HEAR you. Loud and clear. I had a rough go of it, too, earlier this summer. And I feel like I am just now finally moving past all those dark clouds and heading into a bright, buoyant new season!

Sometimes, choosing to be happy takes oh so much more work. But, it is effort well spent, yes?