February 14, 2011

Dry Eyes and Counting Calories

So, after practicing two lovely mornings in the hot room I've noticed that my eyes have been terribly dry at night.  I wake up and they hurt to open - I stumble to the bathroom and blindly put drops in them.  I am attributing this to the yoga; 1) Because my eyes were not nearly this dry before my first class back. 2) They had been keeping their moisture at night until I started my classes again. 3) The lovely Jane told me that at teacher training her eyes got super dry from practicing twice a day. 

So, I didn't practice this morning.  I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and did a quick 20 minutes of stretching until rushing off to catch the bus to work. I'm going to see how my eyes fare tonight.  If they feel better, I'm going to do my at home practice and leave the hot room for another day.  If they are the same, I'm heading back to the hot room, baby.

On another note - I am trying to get back to healthy eating - just over 1700 calories a day if I don't do any workouts or yoga.  Today was hard!  But, as long as I don't cave between now and bedtime, I think I will have gone over by only 37 calories and that includes a scotch on the rocks.  So I'm pretty pleased with myself.  Work is the worst.  When I'm not super busy I get bored and then what do I want to do?  EAT! 

Sometimes I think to myself that I shouldn't worry about the calories but you know, it keeps me focused.  If I stray and eat cupcakes all day, I'll write it down but I remember it and I especially remember how I felt when I was munching.  So, I'll just take it one day at a time.


Kat said...

Boredom eating at work is my pitfall, also chocolate that's on $1 special!

Lala said...

i hear you about the calorie thingy. just for kicks i downloaded the LiveStrong MyPlate (also have an online version) app that tracks down what you eat. and.......i actually kinda like it. it helps put into perspective what i eat, not necessarily the calorie-counting bit, although that's an incentive to eat better, for sure.

yeah, 1700 is hard, even harder when you do a regular practice. though, technically you can have more to u know, sustain a 90 min class, haha!

i'm rambling now. but what i meant to say was yay on the healthy eating bit. LOL

bikramyogachick said...

whenever I keep a food journal I'm always surprised by how much I eat mindlessly, with no thought. Just filling an already full tummy.
Hope your eyes get better! I wear contacts and struggle with eye issues in the hot room at times.

Lady J said...

@Kat -Boredom eating is the worst! I always want pastries. But who can turn down $1 chocolates!

@Lala - Live Strong is exactly what I use:) I do take into account any exercise I do so I can eat more.

@Michelle - Thank you! It's good to see around again:)