May 25, 2011

Rant Time

Alright, I'm sorry but I've got to get this off my chest.

Why in the world do people have to bring in sugary, fatty, bready food in to the work place to celebrate something?? Especially something like a Canucks game win? Why do donuts have to be the way to celebrate something as physically demanding and mentally challenging as getting into the Stanley Cup Finals??

I walked into the staff room this morning following my sweaty 50 minute workout and protein shake, eager to have my oatmeal, apple and coffee and there glaring at me was a box of a dozen Tim Hortons donuts, daring me to eat them. And not only do I have to resist donuts or cookies brought in occasionally but there is also an endless supply of cookies, crackers, mixed salted nuts, chips, crappy MSG filled instant soup and chocolate. Give me some fruit people! Or some vegetables! Or how about a couple hours off at the end of the day? Why does reward have to look like a surgary, chocolatey donut?

A year ago, I started an attempt to stop looking at cigarettes as a reward or a coping mechanism. Society freaks out at smokers, considers them the bane of existence because they suck back on smoke that pollutes the air inside their lungs and the air around them. Well you know what? I consider the encouragement or the view of junk food as a reward for good behaviour or as a coping mechanism just as bad, if not worse! When I was smoker, I would step away from a non smoker so as to not bother them, if you're gonna bring donuts into my workplace, please keep them away from me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love sweets, chocolate, candy, cakes. But every day? To be available for mass consumption every day? There is something wrong with this. There should be moderation in everything that we do. I understand wanting chocolate. I understand wanting a donut. And I know that I need to learn to resist foods like this because I choose not to eat them regularly but I would really appreciate it that a "healthy work environment" didn't consist of crappy ass food in my face on a daily basis.


Kristy said...

Whole heartedly agree.

Lacey said...

I couldn't agree more. It is the emotional attachment to food. We use it to celebrate, grieve, connect, etc... In my opinion, people use it in order to not entirely connect with others. To give food for that occasion, is their way of "connecting" without engaging. Woah! Blog posting on that one! ;)