June 30, 2011


What do you do when you know you want something really bad but you're scared that when you do it your whole life is going to change?

I really want to go to TT. I have a couple things standing in my way. 1) I have half the money - I need the other half. 2) My own self. My doubting self. My scared self.

But I know deep down inside I want it - real bad. Another problem - I am now unemployed - so the idea of me doing this seems further away.

The moment I took an Iyengar yoga class, I knew I wanted to teach yoga. It was like suddenly - oh, this is what I'm supposed to be doing. Then, a year later, I took my first Bikram class - with deep hesitation and doubt - I fell in love.

And now I want it so bad, I want to cry. (Don't worry - I cry at the drop of a hat - it's how I deal).

So first step - I need 5 grand. Step two - grab my balls and dive in.


thedancingj said...

Do it, do it, do it! I spent a solid year crying over how much I wanted to go to TT, and then when I finally took the plunge and DID it, it became so EASY. All the big obstacles that I was so scared of turned out to be nothing. Scarecrows. It's a leap of faith, baby, but trust me, it work out. When you get on the right path, all you have to do is keep walking straight ahead and somehow - some way - it all comes together. xoxo J

Lacey said...

Remember, they do take payments. AND! Apply for that scholarship! You deserve it, why shouldn't you get it?! If you want it, go get it. Make it happen! I would be willing to send you care packages of food to support your quest! :)

Little Piggy said...

ohhhhhh lady, things will fall into place in due time. the $, we can talk about that more if you want. it's definitely not a walk in the park for me tuition wise, but slowly and surely, it's gonna happen.

i'm so excited for you!! it would be nice to meet you at fall TT, if that's possible :))))) regardless, this is fantastic news!!!

woohoo, how amazzzzzing!!