October 26, 2011

Moon Day

This is my first time observing the tradition of not practicing on a day where we have a new moon or a full moon.

The Ashtanga tradition follows this method of practice because as our bodies are approximately 70% water, we are affected by the cycle of the moon, just as the tides of the earth are and of course, werewolves.  

The sun and the moon exert a gravitational pull on the earth and their positions can create different energetic feelings that can be compared with our cycle of breath.  A full moon energy is similar to the end of an inhalation when prana is at it's greatest and can cause feelings that leave us energized and emotional but not grounded.  The new moon is similar to the end of an exhalation when apana is at it's strongest and can leave us feeling grounded but dense and heavy.

Relative position of the moon and the sun. Via

By observing these moon days it helps us become more in tune with the cycles of nature.

The Ashtanga Yoga Center  gives a detailed description as to why we should rest on these days.

I don't know what the protocol would be on doing any other forms of exercise on a moon day because I did get up this morning and do a quick 20 minute BodyRock workout.  I have a very hard time not getting a little bit of a sweat on during the day.  It wakes me up and starts me off right.

Happy rest day to all the Ashtangis out there.




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