December 7, 2011

So Close!

Last night, I touched my stomach with the hand that wraps around my bent leg in Marichyasana D!  So close!

After Harmony helped maneuver me into the asana the other week, I have been able to wrap my head or my arm, rather, around my leg to try to reach for the arm wrapped around my back.  It felt amazing having my hand actually touch a part of my body instead of floating around in mid air.  I needed a gentle pull to get my hands together but it was so much easier than before.  The first side is still much more open than the second side.  My right ankle has little tolerance for being compressed for so long.

I have started holding my floor poses for five to ten breaths recently.  It feels good and I seem to be able to check in with my body more effectively.

Oh and I was also able to hold the final lift, Utplutih, in the closing sequence, last night.  I held it for seven full breaths and was able to stay in Padmasana, which is typically what bothers my right ankle the most.
I was a little worried when I switched from a Bikram practice to an Ashtanga practice, that my body and my heart would miss the backward bending.  Other than a little tweak to my lower back a few weeks ago, I feel amazing and am falling in love very quickly with this practice.

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Yolk E said...

Oooh, marichasana D. I could only bind in that posture with a lot of help with the teacher, and it never felt right. I don't think I got much of a twist, which, I think, is the intention of the pose.

Backbends... don't you do like five backbends at the end of an Ashtanga class? I remember OD'ing on them! :-)