January 22, 2012

Short Update

It's like I'm being tested this last week and a half.  After the welcome yet overwhelming information last weekend, I have been unable to get to the yoga studio.  The first couple days were out of choice, I was happy to be home.  Then the following days were a struggle.  It was snowy and icy and I did not want to drive.  Then finally on Saturday, I was excited to start my week with a full primary led class on Sunday.  But I went to start my car on Saturday to head downtown and my car was dead.  So instead of practicing this morning at the studio, I did a very short practice of the opening series and the closing series before I dealt with getting my car to the mechanic.

My asana practice may have been a little wonky this week but I'm learning the peace invocations, I can almost chant them from memory.  And my introduction to pranayama has continued.  Nothing to complain about, really, it's just different.  I am really looking forward to walking into the studio on Tuesday.

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