February 23, 2011

On Practicing While Ill

On Saturday night I got bowled over by a cold.  Sniffling, coughing in my sleep, snoring so loud that LW had to get me to roll over, achy, hot and cold and just tired.  I've noticed that since practicing yoga regularly I rarely get sick.  I may teeter on the edge of a cold but it rarely hits me.  It probably got me hard this time because LW and I spent our Friday night drinking a bottle of Scotch and dancing around the living room.

I spent most of the day on the couch Sunday, alternating between hot and cold, staring at the TV, wanting to eat my face off (does anyone else get super hungry when they're sick?) and reading.  I took the day off on Monday - stayed home and nursed my cold.  I decided that I would go to the 1:45pm class and try to sweat the sickness out of my body.

The lovely Carla was teaching and she told me that Balancing Stick is really good for getting rid of the fever because it raises the heart rate and that Fixed Firm opens your lymphatic system and that Cobra opens the chest and helps clear congestion.  She told me to take it easy and that the Standing Series would probably be easier than the Floor Series.

Some poses were more challenging than others and introduced new sensations in my body.  I could barely backward bend in Half Moon, Eagle was more trying that usual, Standing Bow caused me a little pain in my lower back.  I loved Standing Seperate Leg Forehead to Knee - loved! - normally I loathe this pose and Triangle - well it just exhausted me.  I was so ready to lie down when we finally got to floor. 

I nearly fell asleep in the 2 minute Savasana!  That has never happened to me before but I woke up when I heard the cue for Wind Removing Pose.  Everything was sore and achy during the floor poses - my hips - my lower back - my upper back - my shoulders.  I tried every pose once and sat out many second sets.  By the time class was over I was exhausted yet content.

Best thing I could have done for myself was going to class.  The cold is still with me but I think I coaxed most of it out of me on Monday and this morning.

Does anyone else practice when they're sick?  Or if not, why?

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Lorrena said...

What a trooper you are! Yes, I agree that a regular practice keeps the doctor away :) Haven't had a full blown cold or cough since I started practicing (touch wood). Even the "monthly visitor" doesn't keep me away from the hot room. Take care!