March 11, 2011

Oh So Refreshing!

I had the most amazing class this morning in... I don't know how long!

One of my favourite teachers is back teaching one morning a week at my studio.  She is a breath of fresh air.  It helps, I think, that she is a morning person.  So, she wants to be there with all us early risers at 6 am.  As she once said to me, "If I'm not teaching it, I'm taking it!".  Her enthusiasm is contagious and she expects just as much from you in an early morning class as anyone would in an evening class.

I felt strong and alive.  My muscles worked so hard, my breathing stayed calm, my heart raced and my mind managed to let any thoughts float on by.  And, boy, was I focused.  I had a little breakthrough with floor bow.  I need to almost forget about wanting my shoulders to rotate and just focus on my kick and relax my shoulders so my head can get back further and to forget about the mirror - to really forget that it's there - which is so counter intuitive because the teachers have been telling you for the last hour to focus on the mirror.  But the second set felt better, more natural and deeper.

I needed this.  I needed to feel strong again.  I've been feeling sucked dry of energy lately.  Letting my job affect me and slowly - without noticing - seeping into my subconscious.  I have been feeling less than capable and that has been trickling into other aspects of my life.  Especially my practice.

Here's one of my favourite songs, right now, by Neil Young - The Believer.  Listen to his lyrics.  I associate them to everything that I believe in - my friends, my family, my lover, my yoga and even myself.


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